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Well well well... Hello there and welcome to Gamerz Only! As a guest you can't see a certain amount of forums yet. Oh well, looks like you'll just have to register/log in and post. lol
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Gamerz Only!

Welcome! This is a good gaming site for the ultimate wicked of the wicked gamers. Post here and talk about any game you wish!
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 Hey Y'all!! Lookie here new dudes!

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PostSubject: Hey Y'all!! Lookie here new dudes!   Sun 02 Aug 2009, 12:35 am

Hey Welcome to the "Gamerz Only" Site. Plenty of room to post so no pushing or shoving.
#1 Rule we all need to learn here. Keep this place clean man. No saying junk that doesn't belong here.
And don't drive the users away. I mean this is a site for all gamers. This is also my first forum I ever made. lol XD So keep it real dudes. I need some time to find out what goes here and there. If you encounter a problem don't be afraid to PM me. I'll try to fix it.
Well ciao! And enjoy you're stay.

Oh yeah almost forgot to mention. Put "*Spoilers*" if the game you're talking about contains spoiling.
I mean, some users probably haven't played the games you have and they want to find out for themselves.
Just don't forget it. and also as I forgot to mention, I know my user name says Xtreame instead of Extreme. I just wanted it to look a bit more.... I dunno unique there we go. XD So no E-Mailing me telling me I spelled my user name wrong. Because I know it is. lol ;)

Here's another rule, if you're going to post links to PC games or online free games be sure to put down the rating and what it's rated for. If you're not sure PM a Moderator or Administrator for the results. If you do not abide to this rule I will delete your topic. Keep it up I will close your account for a week... need I say more?

Now that you're new here as well, AIM me @ xtreamegamerz to get into my chat room. And when you do post your Gamerz Account's user name there then once everything checks out you'll be invited to the Gamerz Only! chat room!

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PostSubject: Re: Hey Y'all!! Lookie here new dudes!   Thu 03 Dec 2009, 11:22 pm

If you encounter a problem don't be afraid to PM me. I'll try to fix it.

If there's a problem, yo, he'll solve it!

Check out the hook while his DJ revolves it! XP
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Hey Y'all!! Lookie here new dudes!
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