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Well well well... Hello there and welcome to Gamerz Only! As a guest you can't see a certain amount of forums yet. Oh well, looks like you'll just have to register/log in and post. lol
Have a great time where video gamerz go. - Xtreame_Gamer
Gamerz Only!

Welcome! This is a good gaming site for the ultimate wicked of the wicked gamers. Post here and talk about any game you wish!
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 As you can see I have ONLY the testuser able to post here.

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Testing User

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As you can see I have ONLY the testuser able to post here. Empty
PostSubject: As you can see I have ONLY the testuser able to post here.   As you can see I have ONLY the testuser able to post here. EmptySat 19 Dec 2009, 1:37 pm

ONLY this user can also create sticky topics and announcements only in this board.
This user can also hire a mod for his/her board.
Please note that you CAN NOT ban users. You may only moderate their messages in your board.
You HAVE to abide to the forum rules. All the censored words will still be censored etc.

But you may post videos in here if you like create you own polls and if you wish I can have the board set up so no other users may create polls or vote. I will give you the options through E-Mail once you're ready to require a board.

Remember to play nice and I cannot stop certain users from posting here. Though you are a moderator you can erase their messages and if you users don't back away from the User Moderator's board as they ask I will close your account for a week. Keep it up it'll be banned for a month.

Administrators are always allowed to post and delete messages though other Moderators cannot edit or delete topics in your board. If you start going out of hand I will have a moderator moderate your board for a while until you stand up straight.

If you disobey any of the board rules I will take your board away and you will not get any Achievement Points Back!

Okay here are the prices for a board, and no whining. I don't want to hear any complaining the APs (Achievement Points) are too high or that it isn't fair. I have made it fair. It's pricey but hard to get. This is a gaming forum for extreme gamers, you think the games here will be easy? Forums don't have cheat codes you know...

Boards Cost: AP: 500,000
Board Icon: AP: 1,000
Board Description: AP: 1,750
Mod Hired: AP: 6,500
Placing your board in a certain position: AP: 1,000 (Default will be made under the last board)

To do any of the Board Icons, Description you MUST have the board purchased.

Default Icon; (No icon)
Default Description; (testuser's board)
Default Hired Mod; (none)

Remember the Hired Mod will be able to take 10 APs from you a week. If they do not want to do that that will be fine by me.
When ever you want a board and what not PM me or E-Mail me.
You can also Bank your APs by PMing me and I will put it in the bank. You will earn an extra 20 APs a day in your bank if APs are in it.

This is a testing account for the Mods and Admins. NOT AN USER! It'll be funny because now this account will be abused brutally. Remember, this is an account used as a test for the boards. No need to report to the Admin to ask what's going on. Thank you.
(Note: User will be deleted in the future)
- Xtreame_Gamer
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As you can see I have ONLY the testuser able to post here.
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